Certain Ideas On How Online Football Moneylines Work

At first, money line bets can be too daunting to understand  particularly for wager who bet traditionally their financial resource on the point spread. Actually, you must be aware that money line is the simplest bet online you could do no matter what type of betting sports you are after.  Though spread bet is for the winning team and through how many. Certain ideas on how online football moneylines work, the money line is considered as a bet for the winning team.

The truth revealed — how does moneyline work?

As soon as sports betting sites set the money line,  this will now become the basis on the odds of the team’s probability who will win the game. Most of the time, there is one team that will be favoured not unless they can’t split.

Say, for instance, New York Giants will play versus Detroit Lions for the National Football League.

Detroit Lions (-160)

NY Giants (+140)

While looking at these odds, you could conclude that Lions is the favourite.  You should be able to know that the team is the favourite if they do have the negative sign.  On the other hand, positive sign stands for undergoing.

Certain Ideas On How Online Football Moneylines Work

Certain Ideas On How Online Football Moneylines Work

When you wage for Giants to win, then you have to bet around $160 just to win $100. Therefore, you are expecting to win about $260. But if want to bet for Lions to win, then you must bet around $140  and win back $240.

Having different odds? Here’s an explanation for you!

You might have been wondering why there is different odds  as well as different payouts through money lines.  Just imagine the number one team on the NFL (Packers) who are playing versus the lowest ranked team known as Panthers. Many individual would stake on Packers because they have the greater chance to win, unlike Panthers who have less chance of winning. Online betting in football is a total nightmare on most sports betting online sportsbook since they can’t make enough profit for the match as well as pay off on the people who are betting on the favourite.

Therefore, there must be an incenetive which will encourage bettors to bet for the  underdogs. This where moneylines comes into play.  It gives incentive to individuals who are betting online on the underdogs, which helps to even out everything.

Other Moneyline Betting Strategies

Most amateur bettors use single strategy in creating bets on the favourites. This  makes sense  because they have more chances to win however, you need to realise that there are instances that odds are being adjusted by the sportsbook in order to balance out everything. Always remember when you wage for an underdog team and they suddenly got an upset, most probably you will get more money.


You must be aware that football money lines are the famous form of waging and with that, you have to look for different lines  on various sports betting sites. As much as possible,  you should conduct  a research on the best  money line odds. When you know that an underdog would win, you have to go and hunt  for the money lines which have the highest possible odds.  By doing so, you could win the biggest possible money by just one bet if and only if they hit success of course.

Always be objective.

Surprisingly, there are lots of  bettors out there who are carried away  by  emotion when betting and with that, they  wage for the team that they’d like to win and not the team who have greater chance to win. They are considered as sports fans of a particular team and let themselves be more subjective rather than being objective.  Keep this in mind,  when you want to earn more money, you have to forget everything about your emotions.

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