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Is this the beginning of a new era?

For those who are keen on poker betting: on certain websites, for the first time, it is possible to bet on the result of a live poker challenge, a great opportunity for gamblers to have some fun and win big prizes. The news is pretty interesting, and it makes us reflect on how the world of games is progressively in changing from country to country. Is this the beginning of a new era? Yes, according to a more analytical approach, gambling is becoming a distraction for everybody, from adults to young people.

Is this the beginning of a new era?

Certainly, the news has its positive aspects: it is a clear example of how Malaysia poker games is becoming a more and more relevant and present reality in today’s society. The world of poker is not far at all from that of betting, and if wagers on poker will be proposed in the future, the number of both occasional and expert gamblers who bet on poker will start increasing.

Is this the beginning of a new era?
Is this the beginning of a new era?

A future perspective

In particular, the last category seems to be very appealing for poker rooms: in spite of their lack of experience, many are those who try to bet a small amount of money on sport matches once in their lifetime, just to feel the thrill of the risk and do something different. The famous 5-10 matches ticket is incredibly similar to a MTT poker: vertical pay-outs, low odds of winning, high rewards. And, if even a small percentage of occasional gamblers developed a passion for poker, deciding to invest few coins in famous poker games such as Cash Games instead of wasting their money for sport matches, we would all assist to an important increase of the traffic to online and live poker rooms.

What are the disadvantages of such a phenomenon?

Unfortunately, the begging of a new era and the latest advent of poker bets could also have several disadvantages: first of all, after having tried for years to accept such games as ability games, the growing popularity of poker bets comes out to be counter-productive. Medias, of course, are ready to misinterpret the news and that could be a very dangerous game to play, as it links our beloved skill game to the “obscure” world of sport bets: in this field as well, professionals have the possibility to obtain a big profit through the analysis of evaluations, but we are still talking about a very curvy and contorted path that might also bring many players to failure.

Is this the beginning of a new era? In conclusion, some people wonder if this new bet opportunity could give birth to further collusion issues: many players’ interests could also go beyond the traditional green table, with high bets that would also make the sport “component” disappear from poker matches, thus replacing it with new agreements. Of course, this case does not concern professional players, just as those who take part to relevant poker challenges. If bets concern future poker matches, we will probably assist to a whole new scenario, characterized by new dynamics and new problems.  However, traditional game rules will be adapted to less important sports competitions, where the risk that matches are “bought” is pretty high: bets will have then a low wager limit and bookmakers will be ready to close their portals in case a suspected increase of bets on one of the players in particular occurs.

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