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Other features of this site include giving the bonus to its new members so that they have sufficient stake to bet. In case the users are facing any difficulty in playing games or have another issue, the customer support department works 24 hours and guides the users.


Baccarat is an interesting card game played in the live gambling casino using a dealer .It is a renowned table card game played with a deck of 52 cards. The aim of this game is to guess whether the player or the banker will draw a hand of cards close to the number nine in total. An option to bet on a tie is also offered. The great thing about an online version of this game is that you can also start a side bet and get a chance to win the progressive jackpot offered. At the top of the screen the progressive jackpot amount is mentioned, that is shared between the players who have participated inside bet at your table. No skills are involved in playing this game. It’s a game of luck only.

There are different kinds of baccarat games. Traditional ones are a bit different from mini-baccarat game. The most famous baccarat game played is Punto Banco. It is the most played game on online casinos as well as on land-based casinos in Malaysia. Punto Banco is different from other casino table based games. Other versions of Punto Baccarat include Punto2000, Chemin De Fer and Baccarat Banque. All these games differ in the playing criteria. In Marina Bay, a new version of baccarat is introduced namely “7-up Baccarat”.

Progressive Baccarat online:

Progressive baccarat is the combination of a traditional and professional version with vast jackpot prize. It amuses you by creating twists in the game and won’t let you leave your seat for a second during a game. The number of games you play adds on to the prize that is why it is like a jackpot. Progressive baccarat online game requires 6 cards initially to play with and 9 are required in total to win.

Luck is considered to be the most important factor in playing Baccarat game. There are some rules defined to play the game and the players are said to follow them. There is no chance of players to predict the winning situation. The players should have complete information regarding the number of card decks and when to use them as there is no calculation to forecast the winning player. Professionals and dealers suggest to not playing this game to “tie” and try to play against bankers as there is low risk on that partnership. Another tip for progressive Baccarat live game is to stop noting down the results on paper. It will only frustrate you if you are losing the game and ultimately you will not be able to pay attention towards the game. To be a professional Baccarat player one should enjoy while playing the game. Dealers also suggest that before playing professionally, you should try free games offered by the online casino Malaysia rooms. By practicing you become aware of the value of cards and learn how to create smart strategies to win the game.

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