Which is better – QQ288 or Bet365

Online betting nowadays is very popular and well-known. Many gamblers prefers to play online because it has no hassle and more convenient. Since this is the new trend among all of online gamblers, there are lots of online betting sites that are competing to each other. Some of those are qq288 and bet365. But which is better – qq288 or bet365?

These two online betting sites are popular for offering online casino games to every single online gamblers. Each sites has different casino games with different features also. But aside from those similarities, there are some differences among these two online betting websites. And in this post, I will discuss those differences and who standouts among the two online betting websites.

Which is better – QQ288 or Bet365


Before you play any online casino games you want, you have to register first to become a member of those sites. Both sites are strict when it comes to the registration of the players who wants to play in their website but qq288 is easier than bet365 because it only need a few but important details from the registrant while bet365 needs more information but not so important like the nationality and the home address of  the registrant.

Which is better – QQ288 or Bet365
Which is better – QQ288 or Bet365

Online games

Both of them has a lot of online casino games, but with different features and themes. Based on what I’ve noticed, online games in bet365 is much simpler than qq288. Every online games in qq288 has a lot of entertaining themes with a graphics that looks like you can actually touch all of the things inside the screen. And the games in qq288 are much clearer than bet365 because the graphics of the games in bet365 is a little bit darkish.

In terms of game providers, games in qq288 is created by the most trusted and top game developers in the industry such as GamePlay, OPUS, Gold Deluxe, AllBet, Asia Gaming, Oriental Gaming, Royal, Playtech, EBET, SpadeGaming, TopTrend Gaming, GamesOS, MicroGaming and BETSOFT. Those providers are very popular and respected for giving the best online casino games. Playing online casino games in qq288 is more exciting and fun to play than online 365 bet website because of those providers.

Games in both online gaming sites can be played using mobile devices. But mobile games in qq288 is much easier to download and offers a lot of online games than bet365. You will notice that the graphics of mobile games in qq288 is the same when you play online casino games using your PC.

Promotions offered

In terms of promotions, each online websites has different offerings to their players. But the promos in online casino 365 bet website is fewer than qq288. It only has 5 casino promotions while qq288 has more than 5 exciting promotions for all of their members. All of their promos are applicable to all of their members including the new members of their website.

Each online sites has the qualities of the best website to play online casino games but qq288 is the perfect one for every casino players all over the world.

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